S’bonelo Tau Luthuli

Luthuli, whose inspiration to be a pot maker came from a high school visit to the Durban Art Gallery where he saw Clive Sithole’s work, is the first young artist to be presented to the public as part of the Arts and Ubuntu Trust’s Travelling Art Institute, which is is supported by the Mzansi Golden Economy Fund of the Department of Arts and Culture.

Luthuli works in the tradition of the great ceramic artist, Nesta Nala, taking inspiration from her as well as Clive Sithole and Ian Garrett.
Standing on the shoulders of these great South African artists Luthuli takes pot making to a number of levels – profoundly spiritual and
meditative, intellectual and philosophical – applying his personal journey as the pivot and pen of his narrative. He skillfully uses every pot he
produces to scribe a message reflecting meaning in life.