At the Mayibuye Centre Galeshewe Kimberley, a beautiful arts facility, we relied on local participants and their numbers of participants shifted over the course of the weekend due to it being a very busy pre-election weekend and poets were needed to perform at rallies and so on. Some younger people left after the first day but others joined on the second and third day as they had heard via word of mouth what an excellent course it was. Most rewarding however was that we had a core group of older participants, all of whom play a significant role in their community arts, from playwrights and directors to poets and writers as well as artists and community art centre coordinators all of whom imbibed the course passionately and will share it more widely.

This is a very skilled and enthusiastic community arts forum and it will be very worthwhile to work with them again in the future. We will try to make this centre one of our stops when we are showing the final films at the end of the project. They have the capacity to build their own filmmaking project and we would like to find ways to support them to do that.


Pics of participants at Galeshewe workshop:


Let this course visit other districts within Northern Cape so as to reach all artists Keoarata Lovers Gaokgwathe playwright and storyteller

 The course to me was like a life study session. The teacher managed to compact the module and illustrate it practically and made it very easy to understand making it relevant with examples that are very close to the heart. Jane Mokwena- Shangwina visual arts co-ordinator Mayibuye centre

 I got an insight from my own creative process and I got to understand other people’s creative fields. Vuyiswa Ngxitpo Reporter, writer and actress

Having had shared with people from different backgrounds has broadened my way of thinking and created a platform for cultural and artistic exchange. Mosemane Gape Gaberone Theatre Scriptwrite,r Filmmaker

This workshop specifically was very useful. Most of the people attending were raving about how insightful this workshop is and how others are missing out. Katty Mabusa actress

Very useful and important as it not only focuses on capacity building but on social cohesion. Mosemane Gape Gaberone Theatre Scriptwriter Filmmaker

They (workshops like this) are imperative in the sense that they unlock the creative passage and make us to realise our potential as creative workers. Also they contribute towards the development of the arts fraternity. Keaorata Gaokgwathe

 I will use it by applying it to teach others who did not get the chance to attend this. Bokhutlo Makhale Visual and performing Artist

Firstly I am going to enlighten other people by sharing the information I got from this workshop. It has motivated me to keep writing. And of course I am going to write a poem about my experience at this workshop. Kebetasamang Molehane poet

Being an official in the Department I will use the resources that are at my disposal to reach my goal. I need to organise exhibitions at my premises, work on small projects that will be for my community in my community. Jane Mokwena Shangwina

I already work with artists. I will empower artists again. I will ask others who took part in the workshop to have meeting sessions in order to take the task forward. Ike Tau Theatre Director

We currently work with development projects in the province. This kind of knowledge and partnership will come in handy in theatre/arts development workshop we usually have. Mosemane Gape Gaberone Theatre Scriptwriter

I learned a total new approach on writing and documenting. With skills gained I’m in a better position to produce better productions. Mosemane Gape Gaberone Theatre Scriptwriter

 I must admit that my talent and skills are god given. This workshops helped me to have options in my field……..I would like to see us as artists in the province having our own sharing sessions to start our own project and take to Arts and Ubuntu trust for comments and advice and I would like us to establish our own film company that will relate our own stories Ike Tau drama director and writer

I hope you come back to Kimberley because this needs a follow up.You gave us a deep foundation so what we need is a tall strong building. Keaorata Gaokgwathe