From Saturday 31 July 2021 – 29 October 2021 and again on Saturday October 07 2023 – December 02 2023 ArtSAT (ART ON SATURDAYS) took place as a webcast at 2 pm via the platform Zoom.

Running weekly ArtSAT showcased the SOUTH AFRICAN ARTS, PAST AND PRESENT film series:

“The films introduce an understanding of the roots of South African aesthetics .. how artists, musicians and writers have shaped their artistic expression. They focus on life stories and artistic practices which are rooted in indigenous knowledge and animate South African culture, transversally across the society.”

The ArtSAT webcasts, which are aimed at Arts and Culture teachers, visual art teachers, art students and Community Art Centre Facilitators will also launch a series of art education books.

All material, including a recording of the webcasts, are available free of charge for bona fide arts educators contact us on

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