At Emthonjeni arts centre at Hamburg in the Eastern Cape we brought in participants from University of Fort Hare Fine art department and Nelson Mandela Metropole University creative project as well as more mature artists: Five local Keiskamma project artists as well as one professional artist from Butterworth and one actor/playwright from Ginsberg.



Being a residential workshop attendance was 100% but also participation was very enthusiastic as the responses below attest. This was encouraging for us as it was the first time we ran this workshop:

The session content was perfect; very inspirational…….. It has honestly inspired me to take action with respect to my writing and acting. Ryan Pillay team leader from NMMU

Having been part of this exceptional project was a great experience. It was good for me to interact with other artists who are different to you in terms of their directions in the field of arts Loyiso Victor Mabe

 My expectations were met. I was hoping to learn more about how films and documentaries are produced “ from idea to screen” and I learned exactly that and more. Sisanda Hanabe

 I wish for more workshops especially for the youth, because I’m old but happy and interested to learn. At our time there was no art to learn from school……. Whether you are in another venue as long as you are in Eastern Cape we will attend Mrs Nozeti Makhbalo

 I enjoyed every moment of the workshop. Thank you for the experience Sinovuyo Makhubulo

 This will enable me to advance my artistic creativity both theatrically and by means of film-making. I’ve expected to learn more about acting but this should do. Khanya Kalasne

 I’m inspired , motivated, sharpened and most of all pumped up to go back home and apply what I have learned here in my working area and in my work. Ashwin Christians