Before running the workshop at the Lwandle Migrant Worker Museum in the Strand, Western Cape, we arranged a meeting between veteran artists Peter Clarke and Lionel Davis and the Lwandle community of artists. The Lwandle artists raised a number of difficulties they had in developing their careers. One was that they didn’t know how to mount their work.

We also realised that they didn’t use any printing techniques and that printing could potentially allow them to make an income from their art as it allows one to make multiple copies of works which can then be sold. It also allows one
to print designs on useable items like calendars, bags, table cloths or items of clothing.

So we arranged a number of ways to share skills in Lwandle. The workshop was split into two groups, one of young students and one with the community’s practicing artists. These older artists were taught mounting techniques by Lionel Davis assisted by Athi Mongezeleli Joja.