A Hot and Quiet Evening – Peter Clarke

A series of coincidences led to the genesis of this exhibition. In 2008 the Arts and Ubuntu Trust’s photographer and filmmaker Abdulcadir Ahmed Said was a guest lecturer in film at the EBCCI, University of West Indies, Cavehill Campus, in Barbados. Here he met the great Bajan writer, George Lamming who was writer in residence at the EBCCI. Abdulcadir obtained copies of all Lammings novels and brought them back to South Africa.

Here the trust’s curator commented to Peter Clarke about how similar the world of Lammings writing, in particular his first novel ‘In the Castle of my skin’ was to the world of Peter Clarke’s art. Peter Clarke’s response was to share a dog-eared collection of short stories from the 50’s with some of Lamming’s work included and to affirm that Lamming had been one of his favourite writers for years.

A correspondence was facilitated between Clarke and Lamming and the EBCCI director, Professor Gladstone Yearwood, invited an exhibition of Peter Clarke’s work to Barbados in 2009.

George Lamming attended the opening.