In the Name of all Humanity, The African Spiritual Expression of Ernest Mancoba

Mancoba’s oils, lithographs and sculptures were displayed together with examples of art from Africa and around the world with thematic importance to his extraordinary life journey. They included selected pieces from Chinese, Inuit, Native American, Southern, West and North African as well as European traditions and, for the first time, his work was juxtaposed with Southern African beadwork with resonance to his colour strategies and narrative method. One of the remarkable terracotta Lydenburg heads dating from the eighth century was also on display as well as the 70 thousand-year-old Blombos shells.

The exhibition and artists’ workshop were sponsored by the South African Department of Arts & Culture, the Royal Danish Embassy, the National Arts Council of South Africa, the CWCI Fund (an EU-SA partnership programme), the Gold of Africa Museum, the Cape Town City Council, Caltex Oil SA (Pty) Ltd and the Grand West Heritage Foundation.

Selected artworks were lent by Galerie Mikael Andersen and the Bornholms Kunstmuseum in Copenhagen, IZIKO museums, IZIKO SA National Gallery and the Irma Stern museum in Cape Town, The Gordon Schachat Collection, the Johannesburg Art Gallery, The Totem Meneghelli gallery, private collectors and Museum Africa in Johannesburg as well as, courtesy of Wonga Mancoba, from Ernest’s Mancoba former studio/home in Paris.

Exhibition sponsors