S’bonelo Tau Luthuli exhibiting at 6 Spin Street 5-19 November

Ceramicist S’bonelo Tau Luthuli’s work Ihubo Lengabadi (Song of the Soil) is presented for a limited exhibition period, opening on First Thursday.

Luthuli works in the tradition of the great ceramic artist Nesta Nala and takes inspiration from her, as well as Clive Sithole and Ian Garrett. Standing on the shoulders of these great South African artists Luthuli takes pot making to a number of levels – spiritual and meditative, intellectual and philosophical – applying his personal journey as the pivot and pen of his narrative.

He skilfully uses every pot he produces to scribe a message, which he hopes reflects meaning in life. Their messages are inspired by African indigenous visual heritage, while demonstrating a progressive contemporary dimension, as well as showing a future with great possibilities.

The artist’s statement, an overview, plus detail for every pot, was written in isiZulu by S’bonelo Tau Luthuli and then translated into English by Sokhaya Charles Nkosi – all of which gives access to a rich, painful, but ultimately inspiring worldview and life experience.


6 Spin Street Restaurant is situated in a beautiful Sir Herbert Baker building facing historic Church Square. In addition to its primary restaurant activity, 6 Spin Street frequently functions as an event and gallery space, with solo and group shows. It operated as the Festival Centre for Infecting The City public arts festival for the second year running in March 2014. In 2012 a comprehensive exhibition of the works of Storm Thorgerson was held. The New Black & White Photography exhibition was a popular addition to East City Late (Open Thursday) and October 2014 marked the return of Cape Town Month of Photography (MoP6).


6 Spin Street (Church Square / one block south of Adderley Street)